The Brook Academy’s Toddler Program is designed for children age 1 year to 2 years old and provides a curriculum that begins teaching about speaking, walking, hand manipulation, numbers, colors and shapes. Our Toddler classrooms are set up in centers to foster educational activities, circle time, imaginative play, creative art, music centers, library, manipulatives and social activities.

Our teachers work with your child on the following objectives, as applicable:

• Walking and running.

• Finger feeding, spoon feeding and drinking from a cup.

• Identifying colors and shapes, matching.

• Speaking and imitating sounds.

• Understanding fundamental word meanings (yes, no, wait, stop, more, give, take, look).

• Potty training.

• Completing puzzles, shape sorters, building with blocks and stringing beads.

• Clapping, waving and pointing.

• Cause and effect games.

• Singing songs, following dance movements and routines.

• Painting, coloring, markers, pencils, stamping, gluing, cutting.

• Following routines and following instructions.

• Sharing and taking turns.

• Roll, throw and catch a ball.

• Put objects into and take objects out of a container.

• Putting things back where you found them and cleaning up after yourself.