The Brook Academy’s Infant Program is designed for babies age six weeks to twelve months and provides a safe, nurturing, clean and healthy environment.  The Infant Room is cleaned daily and any staff member entering the room must wash and disinfect their hands appropriately.  Infants need plenty of sleep and regular feeding on their own schedules.  We create daily reports about nap times, meals, and diaper changes to keep you informed of your child’s schedule.

Infants at this age also need plenty of stimulation during waking hours.  Our caretakers work with your child on the following objectives, as applicable:

  • Sitting
  • Crawling
  • Dancing
  • Responding to his or her name
  • Pointing
  • Grabbing
  • Giving
  • Self feeding finger foods
  • Cause and effect learning
  • Sign language
  • Focusing attention