Research studies show that a quality preschool education plays a very important role in school success, later academic achievement and in life in general. The Brook Academy offers an unmatched preschool education with hands on learning to make the most of what your child will receive in his or her early years. Your child will move day by day with a process that is designed to develop and advance your child socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually using advanced modern educational tools in a fun environment.

You will find warm, caring teachers with lots of experience that are oriented to meet your child’s individual needs and build strong, positive relationships with your child. We teach our children the habits of good healthy food and nutrition. Children are served a variety of foods on a daily basis that are designed to meet their growing needs (no frozen or junk food). Meals are prepared using fresh ingredients and we even squeeze fresh carrot, apple and orange juice from real fruit at our facility.

We let you choose flexible hours and we have an open door policy! Parents can visit their child at any time!

Bring your child along for a visit, see how he or she responds to the school and the teachers, and don’t be surprised if they will not want to leave.

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Preschool 5 days/week $225 Per week
 Summer Camp 5 days/week $225 Per Week

Promotion available only up to June.7.2012

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If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call at any time at: 201-234-4488