Cutting Down on Treats

The foods that we eat today are vastly different than the foods our ancestors ate a century ago.  A century ago the packaged food industry was very small and most food was cooked at home from fresh ingredients.  Today the food industry is expanding rapidly. The number of packaged and prepared foods on the market … Read more

Preschool Coupon for Preschool / Daycare Center in Paramus NJ

The Brook Academy is a Pre-school/Daycare Center in Paramus NJ.  We are a private preschool that provides unmatched child care education from ages six weeks to six years old. Our preschool program hours can be set at your own schedule, full time, part time or by hours, anytime from 6:30 am to 7:30 pm. Your … Read more

Finding Patience With Children

It is said that patience is a virtue and when it comes to children it is very true.  Children require an enormous amount of patience.  When a child is hanging on your arm yelling mommy, mommy for the 10th time, how do you dig up the patience needed to respond appropriately?  What do you tell … Read more