Cutting Down on Treats

The foods that we eat today are vastly different than the foods our ancestors ate a century ago.  A century ago the packaged food industry was very small and most food was cooked at home from fresh ingredients.  Today the food industry is expanding rapidly. The number of packaged and prepared foods on the market today are a great temptation to everyone.  As a result, people eat significantly more food than their body needs.  Many of these foods come in the form of “snacks” or “sweet treats.”  These types of foods were once considered delicacies to be consumed only on rare occasions; today these types of foods are commonplace and eaten almost every day.  Foods that were once saved as special treats for children are now eaten all week long.  When such foods are so readily available and market advertising for these foods is directed expressly at our More >

Preschool Coupon for Preschool / Daycare Center in Paramus NJ

The Brook Academy is a Pre-school/Daycare Center in Paramus NJ.  We are a private preschool that provides unmatched child care education from ages six weeks to six years old. Our preschool program hours can be set at your own schedule, full time, part time or by hours, anytime from 6:30 am to 7:30 pm. Your child will enjoy all of the preschool activities with advanced learning and education through advanced technologies. We have one of the best private preschool facilities in NJ and welcome you to schedule a tour and be impressed at any time.

We are currently offering a preschool coupon for families that are searching for a daycare/preschool center in north NJ. The coupon provides a $300 discount and is available when you enroll a child into our preschool center in Bergen County, Paramus NJ. More >

Finding Patience With Children

It is said that patience is a virtue and when it comes to children it is very true.  Children require an enormous amount of patience.  When a child is hanging on your arm yelling mommy, mommy for the 10th time, how do you dig up the patience needed to respond appropriately?  What do you tell yourself inside to stop you from yelling or losing your temper?  Here are a few things we can remember in order to help us have the patience needed deal effectively with our child:

  • I was told once that children learn something effectively only after it has been presented to them at least 10 times.  So we must have a lot of patience until we get to that tenth time.  Remember that children are a blank slate; even though they may have seen it many times or you may have told

More >

Kidz Kazoom is No Longer Available at 49 East Midland Avenue in Paramus

Kidz Kazoom ( no longer occupies the location at 49 East Midland Avenue #6 in Paramus.  We opened our third location where the Kidz Kazoom was.  As part of our expansion, we modernized the facility with a new look and the place looks completely different from what the Kidz Kazoom used to be.  We have no affiliation or relations with the Kidz Kazoom owners.

We offer all daycare, childcare, preschool, pre-kindergarten programs from ages six weeks to six years.   We invite you to come visit us and take a tour.

If you have any questions regarding the Kidz Kazoom owners feel free to contact them on their website here

Thank you.


How to Improve Your Child’s Nutrition

Your child’s eating habits play a vital role in their development and growth.  The CDC currently reports that 17% of children, ages 2 to 19 are obese.  It is vitally important that we instill in our children an understanding of how important it is that they take care of their bodies, eat healthy nutritious food and avoid poor food choices.

Just as it is difficult for adults to avoid treats, it is often even harder for children to restrict themselves when they are provided so many opportunities to indulge.  And in many ways we should allow children to indulge; a sweet ice cream cone on a hot day, a tart lollipop when they skin their knee or a special cupcake on their birthday is an opportunity for them to feel loved and happy.  For a child the physical feeling of joy from the sweetness of the More >

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