Preschool Costs: Making Child Care Programs More Affordable

At this time when so many of us are trying to lower our expenses, we have committed to trying to lower our overhead expenses in order to offer more affordable child care pricing for parents.  As parents of our own children, we at the Brook Academy, believe that the cost of preschool and summer camp for kids should not feel like a second mortgage payment, especially in this economy.

Our current pricing will allow parents to save money and still obtain a quality education for their children.   Also, if you need any special schedule in terms of days or hours, please contact us and we will try to accommodate your needs.  We understand that both parents have heavy schedules and considerable work commitments in today’s world and economy,  and we try to utilize our resources in ways that will help make parent’s life easier while providing a quality More >

We Educate & Raise Children for Tomorrow’s World

Raising children in today’s world is very challenging.  Parents have their hands full with the tasks of daily life leaving them with not enough time to invest in their children.  We at the Brook Academy, are partnering with parents to dedicate the best of our resources to proactively teach children during their early years when their personality and personal habits are developing.

At our daycare/preschool we provide unique educational programs for children from ages 6 weeks to 6 years old.  We welcome you to visit us to see how we created a warm and loving environment for our students and how we use our state of the art facility, advanced educational tools, top technology and dedicated loving staff to educate and raise the children of tomorrow.

We are located at 49 East Midland Avenueand we welcome you to come anytime so we can show you More >

FREE Sunday Preschool Activities in Paramus

Bergen County residents are welcome to join us on Sunday from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm at The Brook Academy for FREE Preschool Family Activities in Paramus, NJ.  We provide these free Sunday activities for preschool, pre-K, pre-kindergarten children ages one year to six years old as part of our community enrichment childcare programs.  Drinks and pastries will be available for parents and kids.   Activities are matched to daycare/preschool age children from 1 year old to six years old.

Parents must attend with their (more…)

Best Preschool in Bergen County NJ

We aim to be the Best Preschool in Bergen County NJ; with the Future goal to be the best preschool in New Jersey. We know that this will require hard work, dedication and love for our students.  We are in the process of putting together the best team, programs, technology, training, environment and the funds into our preschool, with a strong dedication and investment in our students and community.  Our teachers are oriented to go the extra mile and to help our preschool students to achieve the goals that we set and help them to become better learners and prepare them for elementary school. (more…)

Developing Your Child’s Character

It is said that what a child sees and hears when he is young, in his home and community is how he believes the world to be.  If he sees and watches violent television programs, he will think that violence is very normal.  If he hears his parents using inappropriate language, he will think that it is totally normal and acceptable to speak in this manner.    Even if you tell him differently, what he sees and hears around him will define how he sees the world.

Thus, it is important to control the child’s environment and the messages they are receiving on a regular basis.  For this reason parents are so diligent in controlling the types of programs children watch and the language used around them.

However, as important as it is to shelter the child from negative input when they are young More >

Crying; Understanding Emotions.

Do you remember the last time you cried?  As adults we rarely cry.  Usually, we cry at the movies or when something truly bad happens.  However, as we know, children cry very often.  Why is that? Children cry whenever anything negative happens.  They cry at appropriate times, like when they have an injury and at seemingly inappropriate times, like when her little brother moved her doll.  This is because they have no sense of perspective to determine appropriate emotional responses.  When they feel negative emotions they cry.  This automatic response needs to be adjusted to depend on the facts and circumstances surrounding the cause of the negative emotions.  But children cannot do this on their own, this is something we need to teach them.

Once children are at the age of understanding language we can begin to teach them about the varying emotions and the degree More >

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