We are an exemplary group of teachers and professionals that provide education with over 12 years of experience in the child care industry, educating thousands of children and also have children of our own.  Our knowledge and experience we have developed a unique child care / pre-school programs that takes advantage of these critical learning years to prepare children for advancement in education as well as the challenges of daily life.

Your child is a unique individual with his or her own gifts to give to the world.  We, at The Brook Academy, seek to expand and appreciate your child’s internal world in order to identify and cultivate his or her strengths and advantages.  Your child’s natural abilities are a great strength to him or her but just as important are the advantages that we will provide in caring for your child.  Many of our children know their sight words by age 3 and are beginning to read at age 4; our specially designed nutrition program keeps children healthy and teaches them about making healthy choices; our ethics programs are unique in teaching children the foundation of a happy life- caring, charity and respect; our indoor gym provides an ideal environment for our children to advance their motor skills.

Our world has changed dramatically in the last decade and we know there are certainly more changes to come.  We believe it is vital to make the utmost effort to prepare our children for this new fast paced and global world.  We do this by cultivating in them the ability to understand and adapt to change quickly so as not to be scared of new experiences and new environments and to know how to deal effectively with differences between people and societies.

One of the more difficult changes in our society has been the slow break down of our communities; more and more we are each on our own to deal with challenges we face in life.  We believe that having a network of family and support is a great advantage in life and seek to provide this support for all of our children and their families.  Given our strong academic environment, we carefully choose the team that works with us.  We care for our team just as much as our students and work hard to cultivate an overall family environment that creates a feeling of caring and love for the children we care for.  We make an effort to get to know our children individually, their families and loved one’s in order to provide a unified effort in caring for the child.

We love what we do and you can see it in every corner of our facility in the faces of our children. We would love to meet you and your child.  Please contact us at (201) 234-4488 to discuss.