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Developing Your Child’s Character

It is said that what a child sees and hears when he is young, in his home and community is how he believes the world to be.  If he sees and watches violent television programs, he will think that violence is very normal.  If he hears his parents using inappropriate language, he will think that it is totally normal and acceptable to speak in this manner.    Even if you tell him differently, what he sees and hears around him will define how he sees the world.

Thus, it is important to control the child’s environment and the messages they are receiving on a regular basis.  For this reason parents are so diligent in controlling the types of programs children watch and the language used around them.

However, as important as it is to shelter the child from negative input when they are young More >


Crying; Understanding Emotions.

Do you remember the last time you cried?  As adults we rarely cry.  Usually, we cry at the movies or when something truly bad happens.  However, as we know, children cry very often.  Why is that? Children cry whenever anything negative happens.  They cry at appropriate times, like when they have an injury and at seemingly inappropriate times, like when her little brother moved her doll.  This is because they have no sense of perspective to determine appropriate emotional responses.  When they feel negative emotions they cry.  This automatic response needs to be adjusted to depend on the facts and circumstances surrounding the cause of the negative emotions.  But children cannot do this on their own, this is something we need to teach them.

Once children are at the age of understanding language we can begin to teach them about the varying emotions and the degree More >

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Cutting Down on Treats

The foods that we eat today are vastly different than the foods our ancestors ate a century ago.  A century ago the packaged food industry was very small and most food was cooked at home from fresh ingredients.  Today the food industry is expanding rapidly. The number of packaged and prepared foods on the market today are a great temptation to everyone.  As a result, people eat significantly more food than their body needs.  Many of these foods come in the form of “snacks” or “sweet treats.”  These types of foods were once considered delicacies to be consumed only on rare occasions; today these types of foods are commonplace and eaten almost every day.  Foods that were once saved as special treats for children are now eaten all week long.  When such foods are so readily available and market advertising for these foods is directed expressly at our More >


Preschool Coupon for Preschool / Daycare Center in Paramus NJ

The Brook Academy is a Pre-school/Daycare Center in Paramus NJ.  We are a private preschool that provides unmatched child care education from ages six weeks to six years old. Our preschool program hours can be set at your own schedule, full time, part time or by hours, anytime from 6:30 am to 7:30 pm. Your child will enjoy all of the preschool activities with advanced learning and education through advanced technologies. We have one of the best private preschool facilities in NJ and welcome you to schedule a tour and be impressed at any time.

We are currently offering a preschool coupon for families that are searching for a daycare/preschool center in north NJ. The coupon provides a $300 discount and is available when you enroll a child into our preschool center in Bergen County, Paramus NJ. More >

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